Microsoft Network 5 conference in Neum

Network 5 conference is the the biggest conference organized by Microsoft in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 27-29th April 2015. This time, it is decided to organize conference on the Adriatic sea in Neum, the only Bosnian city on the Sea. Everything happened in Grand Hotel Neum. Everything was almost perfect (stuff need to do a little more education regarding customer’s support) but at the end, it was really great decision. Hotel is big enough to have a lot of rooms for 6 sessions at the same time, great lobby for networking and swimming pool and sauna for relax time.


This year, session was organized in six tracks:

  • Business
  • Developer
  • Educational
  • ITPro
  • MS Community
  • Case Study

And the main topic this year was Azure, that is for sure. My session was also about Azure:

Azure Mobile Services for Universal Windows Apps

This time, I was happy that had session with my friend from Belgrade, Nemanja Stančić, MVP for Windows Platform. We had really great time during presentation with 48 attendees in the DEV room.

Here, you can find our presentation with slides and useful info in notes.

Also, as previous years, I developed official Universal Windows apps for the conference (Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1).



Here, you can find some pictures from the conference.


See you next year on MS Network 6 in …

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Presentation from Tarabica conference in Belgrade

Tarabica is the biggest community conference in Serbia which was organized by Microsoft community on 28th March 2015 in Belgrade.


I was the speaker at this fantastic conference with one session:

Storing local data in Universal Windows apps

Some of the abstracts from the session:

  • Application data
    • LocalSettings (settings container in local data store)
    • RoamingSettings (settings container in roaming data store)
    • LocalFolder (root folder in the local app data store)
    • RoamingFolder (Gets the root folder in the roaming app data store)
  • Create data using list – List<Object>
  • Serialization – JSON.NET
  • Local database SQLite using .NET API SQLiteWinRT

Here is the Power Point presentation from the session. You can find more useful data in notes of the slides.


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Picture Info update adds extensive list of changes

Social media coverage:

Picture Info for Windows Phone is kind of application that many users said that its functionality need to be part of the operating system as native feature. Many of us use Windows Phone device everyday as camera so we want to find out many information about picture. For that reason, Picture Info is perfect choice.


Picture info reads EXIF information that all images have incorporated such as width, height, file size, file name, date time picture taken, ISO Speed and many more and if image contains GPS coordinate, show location of the image on the map.

Main features:
* Read Exif data from the picture
* Run app from the Picture Hub
* Show location of the picture
* Share image details by email
* Share image location/GPS details via text/SMS
* Delete all EXIF data from the picture
* Rename picture and Delete all EXIF data
* Share image location/GPS details via text/SMS
* Lock/Unlock Map to help with scrolling Map
* Location name (address, city, country) on the Map
* Support light/dark theme


Picture Info has over 1000 rates in US Store with overall rate in all Worldwide Stores with average rate about 4.5.  Also application is spotlighted in many Worldwide stores more that 300 times. App is translated in many languages (current number is 8).

As it is very popular application for reading Photo EXIF data, I collected the most wanted features that users ask and brought update that add extensive list of changes. One of the most wanted features is to hide EXIF data in the situation when you want to share picture and want to hide location coordinate of the picture.

New Features in version 2.7:
– Add new EXIF tags: Date modified, Type of the file, EXIF version information, Color space, Aperture Value, Shutter Speed Value, Exposure Index.
– Day taken of the picture.
– Delete all EXIF data from the picture.
– Rename picture and Delete all EXIF data.
– Share image location/GPS details via text/SMS.
– Lock/Unlock Map to help with scrolling Map.
– Location name (address, city, country) on the Map.
– Explanation for EXIF tags.
– Detail page is default page of the app.
– Donate page.
– Minor UI improvements and fixes.

Resolved bugs
– Text wrapping for the File name when longer filenames are not visible.
– Exposures longer than 1 second are shown as 1/0 sec.
– Resolved bug with dark theme.

Also, now it is possible to get smiles on developer’s face with some donations that is possible using In-App Purchase on Donate page. Make developer happy. Smile

List of all EXIF tags that Picture Info can read are extensive:
File Name
Type: JPG, PNG
Date taken
Day taken: Monday, Tuesday..
Width in pixels
Height in pixels
Effective Pixels in megapixels
File size in KB and MB
ISO Speed
X resolution
Y resolution
Color space
Exposure time
Exposure index
Aperture value
Flash On or Off
Camera model
GPS Altitude
GPS Latitude in degrees, minutes and seconds
GPS Lat (Dec) as decimal number
GPS Longitude in degrees, minutes and seconds
GPS Long (Dec) as decimal number
Resolution Unit
Focal Length
Focal Len. 35mm
Dig. Zoom Ratio
Metering Mode
Shutter speed value
Exif version

Link to US Store here.
Link to universal country store here.

But that is not all. I have list of ideas that want to add in future versions, so stay tuned.

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TechDay 2014 Banja Luka

09.12.2014: Materijal sa predavanja (demo app + slajdovi):

Microsoft kancelarija iz Bosne i Hercegovine organizuje događaj u formi Workshop-a a u vidu 4 paralelna tehnička treninga. Naziv događaja je TechDay 2014 Banja Luka i biće održan 8. decembra 2014. godina u Banjaluci u prostorijama Panevropskog univerziteta “Apeiron” sa početkom od 09:30.

Čast mi je i zadovoljstvo što ću biti jedan od predavača na ovom događaju gdje ću predstaviti sve neophodne informacije kako bi uspješno započeli razvoj Universal Windows aplikacija (istovremeni razvoj aplikacija za dvije platforme, Windows 8.1 i Windows Phone 8.1).


Treninzi će biti održani u isto vrijeme sa dvije razvojne i dvije IT Pro teme:

1. Razvoj Universal Windows Apps (Spaso Lazarević)
Kroz radionicu posvećenu razvoju Universal Windows aplikacija saznat ćete kako možete iskoristiti preko 90% koda prilikom razvoja aplikacija za bilo koji uređaj na Microsoft platformi. Osim toga, naučit ćete nešto više o konceptima vezanim za Controls, Styles, Live Tiles, Lock Screen i Notifications, odnosno pohranjivanju podataka unutar aplikacije. U zadnjem dijelu radionice moći ćete vidjeti i kako se razvija Universal Windows aplikaciju od početka do kraja.
2. Microsoft Azure radionica (Bahrudin Hrnjica)
3. Business Intelligence na Microsoft platformi (Petra Korica-Pehserl)
4. Microsoft Business Productivity Workshop + Enterprise Mobility Suite (Domagoj Pernar & Mirad Maglić)

Sam trening će biti podijeljen u 3 cjeline sa sledećim rasporedom:

09:00 – 09:30 Registracija
09:30 – 10:15 Zajednički Keynote
10:15 – 10:30 Pauza i raspoređivanje po salama
10:30 – 12:00 Prvi dio treninga
12:00 – 12:45 Ručak
12:45 – 14:15 Drugi dio treninga
14:15 – 14:30 Pauza
14:30 – 16:00 Treći dio treninga

Ukoliko želite da se prijavite na događaj i prisustvujete jednom od treninga to možete učini na sledećim adresama:

1. Razvoj Universal Windows Apps (Spaso Lazarević)
2. Microsoft Azure radionica (Bahrudin Hrnjica)
3. Business Intelligence na Microsoft platformi (Petra Korica-Pehserl)
4. Microsoft Business Productivity Workshop + Enterprise Mobility Suite (Domagoj Pernar & Mirad Maglić)

Detalje o svakom od predavanja možete pronaći ovdje.

Predavanja su apsolutno besplatna a obezbijeđen je i ručak.

Vidimo se u Banjaluci

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Universal Windows Demo application

This Demo is used for the purpose of my session at MSCommunity BiH 2014 conference in Sarajevo 19th September 2014. This is full demo that demonstrates main and advanced concepts of universal Windows apps. With universal app you can build an app for Windows and Windows Phone at the same time, and share code, user controls, styles, strings, and other assets between the two projects in Visual Studio. This reduces the time and expense associated with building and maintaining an app for each type of device.


This reduces the time and expense associated with building and maintaining an app for each type of device.


You can freely use this app as your start point when creating universal Windows application.

Link for the app on OneDrive is here:

Main concepts that you can find in the app are:

  • Hub page (almost the same for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 app)
  • Storing data locally for offline use (using Newtonsoft.Json)
  • Searching data in Windows app
  • CommandBar
  • Semantic Zoom in Windows app
  • Visual State Manager – Snap View in Windows app
  • Using charms in Windows app (About, Privacy page)
  • Live Tile – Pin to Start

Author of this app is my friend Jovica Rikanović who created this app for our session at conference with title “Building universal Windows apps”.

If you want to successfully build this Demo app using Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 you need to update library reference for Newtonsoft.Json. Namely, when you download solution you’ll see that reference is not OK:


So, select Reference and choose Manage NuGet Packages…


And finally install Json.NET


You need to do this both, for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 project.

One of the sections on the Hub page for Windows and Windows Phone:



Happy coding

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I’m speaking at MSCommunity conference 2014

This is third time conference in organization of Microsoft Community from Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is very good organized one day conference with local and speakers from the region. This year we have one more track so all agenda is devided in three session rooms:

  • IT Pro
  • Developer
  • Partner

Conference will be on 19th September at hotel Sarajevo in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


I’ll be giving one session at MSCommunity conference on Developers track together with my friend Jovica Rikanović, Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 developer. Our seesion is

Building Universal Windows applications (level 300)

Some of the abstracts for our presentation are:

  • Templates for universal apps
  • Comparing Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 APIs, controls
  • Demostrating main concepts in Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 apps

We will provide one real generic Universal app that developers could use for their first start in world of universal apps on Windows.

Furthermore, I’m also created official Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 apps for the conference with name MSCommunityBiH 2014 to help participant for main information about conference such as agenda,  sessions,  speakers, User Groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina and sponsors.





Link for the apps are here:


Official page for the conference

See you in Sarajevo.

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Prodaja Windows i Windows Phone aplikacija za BiH

Dugo se čekalo da Microsoft uvrsti Bosnu i Hercegovinu na listu zemalja čiji programeri imaju mogućnost da postave svoje Windows i Windows Phone aplikacije u prodavnici i da pri tome zarade. To se konačno desilo 16. jula 2014. godine kada je Microsoft objavio proširenu listu zemalja iz kojih je moguće prodavati Windows i Windows Phone aplikacije.


Ovo je zaista sjajna vijest ali se postavlja pitanje šta sad? Da li smo svjesni potencijala koji nam se pruža jer možemo da objavimo svoju Windows Phone aplikaciju i da pri tome postavimo da ona ima određenu vrijednost koju će platiti korisnici. Ili još bolje, da objavimo Windows aplikaciju čije tržište se mjeri u milionima korisnika širom svijeta.

Dobro, da krenemo redom. Šta je sve potrebno preduzeti kako bi došli do momenta da možemo da dijelimo zaradu sa Microsoftom? Nemojte misliti da će sva zarada otići samo vama! Zarada se dijeli u odnosu 70:30, 30% Microsoftu i 70% vama kao programeru pri čemu je potrebno da zaradite određeni minimalni iznos kako bi isplata bila moguća (200$).

Dakle, potrebno je odraditi sledeće korake za Windows Phone:

  1. Registrovati se na Dev center i izabrati Bosnu i Hercegovinu kao zemlju. Dev Center služi da bi se aplikacija objavila u zajedničkoj prodavnici za Windows/Windows Phone aplikacije. Izaberete Dashboard za Windows Phone.
  2. Definišete račun za prihvat novca (Payment account)
  3. Registrujete profil za porez (Tax profile)
  4. Odaberete model plaćanja koji mislite da najbolje odgovara načinu maksimalne zarade za vaš tip aplikacije

Neke od navedenih stvari kao što je definisanje naloga i registracija profila za porez ću detaljno opisati u ovom blog postu.

Definisanje računa

Da bi sredstva primali potrebno je prvo da definišete račun na koji ćete primati sredstva. Definisanje računa ćete odraditi ukoliko u okviru Dev Center izaberete Account opciju (1) a potom Edit u okviru Payment account (2).


Pošto će isplata za BiH biti u USD (trenutno stranica sa listom zemalja koje imaju opciju payout nije osvježena sa novim podacima), potrebno je da obezbijedite devizni račun koji je sposoban za prihvat američkih dolara (USD $). Nakon otvaranja računa u banci, dobićete IBAN (oznaka vašeg deviznog računa) koji je dovoljan za registraciju (ostaje da se vidi da li je IBAN jedino dovoljan za registraciju pošto svaka banka u BiH za devizni priliv posluje putem neke strane korespodentske banke te kada nekome dajete instrukciju za plaćanje na vaš devizni račun potrebno pored IBAN dostaviti i Swift kod vaše banke). Microsoft je za sada obezbijedio samo unos IBAN računa te se nadamo da je to dovoljno za registraciju.


Pored IBAN potrebno je unijeti vaše lične podatke kao i podatke o banci u kojoj se nalazi vaš račun.

Potom unesite podatke o vašoj adresi i broj telefona.


Sledeći korak je definisanje profila za plaćanje poreza

Profil za porez

Profil za plaćanje poreza (Tax profile) je obavezan pošto Microsoft vrši prebacivanje sredstava na vaš račun i poterbno je da se ovim činom definiše plaćanje poreza državi. Definisanje poreza ćete odraditi ukoliko u okviru Dev Center izaberete Account opciju a potom Edit u okviru Tax profile.

Potom slijede koraci izbora zemlje:



Unesite podatke o adresi stanovanja i adresi prijema pošte (možete koristiti check box kojim potvrđujete da je adresa prijema pošte ista kao adresa stanovanja):


Prilikom ovog procesa registracije ćete na email dobiti PIN kod kojeg ćete na kraju procesa registracije koristiti za elektronski potpis dokumenta. Potom birate da li ste vi osoba koja je ujedno i vlasnik računa:


Za stanovnike zemalja van SAD se bira W-8BEN forma:


i na kraju najvažniji dio je popunjavanje već djelimično popunjenog obrasca W-8BEN pri čemu treba obratiti pažnju na sledeće podatke kao na slici:


Dakle, pitanje br. 4 odgovoriti na oba sa No i u polje 7 postaviti vaš jedinstveni matični broj (JMBG) zbog identifikacije u poreskoj upravi.

Na kraju je potrebno da potpišete dokument putem unosa imena i prezimena i PIN koda kojeg ćete dobiti u mailu (pin ima određeno vremensko trajanje tako da ukoliko dobijete podatak da je sistem nesposoban da verifikuje vaše podatke onda morate ponovo generisati PIN i unijeti ponovo podatke, osim ako ih u određenom momentu ne smimite)


Ukoliko uspješno završite postupak dobićete poruku:


Poslije izvjesnog vremena verifikacije vaših podataka:


dobićete poruku da je vaš Tax profile “Profile up-to-date”. Ovim bi trebao da je uspješno kreiran račun i profil za porez pri čemu ste bili u obavezi da unesete isključivo tačne podatke. Unošenjem netačnih podataka ste se obavezali da možete snositi određene posljedice.

Model plaćanja

Nakon ovog procesa možete odmah vašim aplikacijama postaviti da imaju određenu vrijednost u USD$ ili možete smisliti neku drugu strategiju zarade.

Izbor modela naplate se može realizovati na više različitih načina (Monetizing apps). Detaljan prikaz svih modela zavisi od platforme:

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