NTK conference 2016–presentation

I’m really proud that I have been part of the official Microsoft conference in Slovenia, NTK conference 2016, Portorož from 16th to 18th May 2016. It was one of the biggest and for sure one of the greatest technical conference in the region.

NTK Speaker

Some facts for the NTK conference for 2016:

  • 1700 participants
  • 150+ speakers
  • 10+ seminars
  • 21 year of tradition

My presentation took for the first day of conference with one session and it last for 60 minutes: Windows App Studio – Windows apps for 45 minutes.

So, what is Windows App Studio?

Windows App Studio is Microsoft’s Web development tool, which allows rapid and efficient development of applications for Windows without writing code.
No matter whether you are a developer or not, this tool will allow you the rapid development of Universal Windows Platform apps for Windows 10 (UWP) or Universal Windows apps for Windows/Windows Phone 8.1 based on predefined templates.
Although it is not functional as Microsoft Visual Studio, it gives a lot of possibilities and options for the development of very powerful and good designed WP8 applications.
Also you can benefit from Visual Studio and export your project in Visual Studio to fine tune your app.

In General, agenda for the session was as follows:
– Templates for creating new application
– Main application data: title, description, logo and language
– Application concept in Windows App Studio
– Defining data: data source, sections and using predefined data source
– Define custom data source using Collection data source
– Using static Resources
– Using App Studio Data Services
– Styling the app
– Generating application
– Export to Microsoft Visual Studio

Slides from the presentation you can find here.

Some photos from the conference:


About Spaso Lazarevic

Spaso Lazarevic is Software Engineer working with Microsoft technologies. Microsoft MVP for Visual C# 2012 - 2016.
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