Windows App Studio – new enhancements

Every few months we get new update in Windows App Studio. The newest one is ability  to use new app to install and share app created using Windows App Studio. Till now, it was very hard or better say complex to install app on device to test it (sideloading). Namely, you needed to deploy certificate using PowerShell scripts which was not the best and easiest way for sideloading.

Now, we have app you can install from the Windows Store, Windows App Studio Installer.  This app is UWP and you can use it on Windows Mobile 10 and Windows 10 operating system.

When you run it and have some apps that you installed with it, it looks like:


So, what is idea behind this app?

When you create app using Windows App Studio and create package for installment – appx package, you need to initiate download from Windows App Studio (click on download button in Windows App Studio – white box).


If you have installed Windows App Studio Installer, then it will start automatically and provide you install button for your app:


Windows App Studio Installer will download package and do install on device. Then you could even open newly installed app from Studio Installer.

So, what this tool is doing is:

  • When start download from Windows App Studio, it finds if your device is ready for sideloading or in developer mode in Windows 10. If not, it will open that settings page in order that you change that settings.
  • Automatically install necessary certificate if it is not installed on device.
  • Install app on device.

So, installing app from Windows App Studio is peace of cake as you can see.

Sharing app from Windows App Studio

When you create installable package from Windows App Studio, it is very easy to share your app with your friends. Just choose one of the provided options (email, twitter, facebook).


For instance, if you choose email, you need to provide email/emails to whom you need to provide your app. With that your app become public, whoever has link could install it.

Your friend will get mail with link to install app. Then it is the same process, user will download Windows App Studio Installer if it is not installed and then app will be installed.

Important Note: You can share app that is not published to Windows Store, then just created in Windows App Studio. When sharing app, you share just that specific version of your app. If you do update of the app, you again need to share new version!

With Windows App Studio, it is very easy to create Windows 10 UWP app and also easy to test and share app with your friends.

Happy coding

About Spaso Lazarevic

Spaso Lazarevic is Software Engineer working with Microsoft technologies. Microsoft MVP for Visual C# 2012 - 2016.
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