Presentation from Tarabica conference in Belgrade

Tarabica is the biggest community conference in Serbia which was organized by Microsoft community on 28th March 2015 in Belgrade.


I was the speaker at this fantastic conference with one session:

Storing local data in Universal Windows apps

Some of the abstracts from the session:

  • Application data
    • LocalSettings (settings container in local data store)
    • RoamingSettings (settings container in roaming data store)
    • LocalFolder (root folder in the local app data store)
    • RoamingFolder (Gets the root folder in the roaming app data store)
  • Create data using list – List<Object>
  • Serialization – JSON.NET
  • Local database SQLite using .NET API SQLiteWinRT

Here is the Power Point presentation from the session. You can find more useful data in notes of the slides.



About Spaso Lazarevic

Spaso Lazarevic is Senior Software Developer working with Microsoft technologies. Leader of .NET User Group Bijeljina, speaker at Microsoft events, writter and blogger. Microsoft MVP for Visual C#.
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