Windows Phone application migration from one account to another

This blog post is about how to migrate all your Windows Phone applications from one Windows Phone Dev Center account to another. Or better say we are talking about Windows Phone Dev Center account migration process.

But why would you do that? There are a lot of reason why someone need to transfer their apps but some of them would be:

  • Publish apps on account in other country than the living country because at the time of publishing there is no possibility to publish it in your own country
  • Move to another country therefore want to transfer apps to Dev center stick to new country
  • You don’t have payout options for your country and want to transfer apps to another country

If you dig the internet and try to find info about migration of Windows Phone apps you would not find any helpful resources. I know that this job was not possible till recently when I read some info about it (at the moment I can’t find that resources but knowing that fact I act as follows).

So, what could you do on Dev Center if you can’t find any resources about apps migration or any functionality in Windows Phone Dev Center account?


Yes, as simple as that. So at the bottom of the page of your Dev Center account find Support link


and on the Dev Center Support page use Submit a support ticket:


Choose Problem type and Category and Start email to explain your migration plan:


And yes, response was very quickly, bravo for Microsoft support. In one of the next email from support I received details about migration process. And you need to know that also. Some useful info are:

  1. Microsoft will not be able to move apps that contain Microsoft Push Notification (MPN) or In-App Products (IAP).  Please check over your apps before listing below.
  2. The new account will only begin accruing payout for any sales after the app is migration to the new account is complete.
  3. Your ratings and reviews will also be migrated, but your reporting will not be.  As soon as the apps are moved, you will see them on the dashboard of your new account, however they will continue to display the old publisher name in the marketplace until a new update has been published from the new account.

Also, you need to provide next info to support:

Current Account (Account with apps)
Microsoft Account:
Developer Guid:
App Name:
App Guid:
(if you are moving several apps please add them as well)

Transferring to Account
Microsoft Account:
Developer Guid:

And finally support said that this may take about a week if the request is approved. As I have more that ten Windows Phone apps (here you can find it all) I think it took more than one week to complete the whole process.

So at the final, I was happy. I have all my apps transferred to new Dev Center account. Also, info about total downloads are on new account as well as my ratings from the old account. Before migration you need to consider to save some data from old account because you will loose it such as:

  • Crash report (export to excel)
  • Apps download chart and Apps download export to excel file

Remarks: If you for any case want to totally delete Windows Phone app from Dev Center you need to know that now it is impossible. All you can do is to unpublished the app from the Dev Store.

And that is it. I hope that this post will help others to solve the same issue.

Happy Windows Phone coding.


About Spaso Lazarevic

Spaso Lazarevic is Senior Software Developer working with Microsoft technologies. Leader of .NET User Group Bijeljina, speaker at Microsoft events, writter and blogger. Microsoft MVP for Visual C#.
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3 Responses to Windows Phone application migration from one account to another

  1. You forgot the best reason: Some megacorp offered you mega $ for the app!

  2. can we transfer universal apps?

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