Windows Phone Week Sarajevo Report

If you think that it is impossible to organize one day conference event for less than 20 days, I would say to you, that you are absolutely right. But, if it is Windows Phone event that took place in just 20 countries in the world, in 24 cities then it was worth to make great effort to be in that privilege list. It firstly started with small Facebook comment from my friend from Romania, Catalin Gheorghiu. He introduced me to Matteo Pagani, Microsoft MVP for Windows Phone from Italy and everything was done in few emails. Also, I knew that I will have great support from Enis Šahinović, Technical Evangelist From Microsoft Bosnia and Herzegovina. So Enis and I was together as organizers, and party could start. And party was scheduled to 28th October 2013.

But, what is Windows Phone Week?


Windows Phone Week is a series of events created for the developer community by Windows Phone Developer MVPs. It all started with three Windows Phone MVPs Matteo Pagani, Joost van Schaik and Rodolpho Marques Do Carmo, who planned to host Windows Phone events in their respective countries (Italy, Netherlands and Brazil) in the same week. Other Windows Phone MVPs joined, and there was 13 locations around the globe for the start.


When we open registration for participants, we knew that we have a great Windows Phone audience and we was right. We open more that 100 seats and all was filled for less than 24 hours. Thanks to Damir Dizdarević we got venue at Faculty of mechanical engineering in Sarajevo with great amphitheater. At the end, more than 60 people showed up, actualy 66.


We had five sessions:

  • Windows Phone App Studio (Spaso Lazarević)
  • Sharing code between Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store apps (Can Bilgin)
  • How to make money developing Windows Phone apps (Enis Šahinović)
  • Storing data in Windows Phone 8 (Spaso Lazarević)
  • Game development on Windows Phone platform (Aleksandar and Miloš Kojić)

You can find all slides here and detailed information about event in local language here.

I had privilege to take two slots and other speaker were:

  • Enis Šahinović, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Can Bilgin, Senior Software Architect at CompuSight
  • Aleksandar and Miloš Kojić, Microsoft student partner at Slobomir P University

Speakers from left to right: Spaso Lazarević, Can Bilgin, Miloš Kojić, Aleksandar Kojić and Enis Šahinović


Windows Phone app

Windows Phone event without Windows Phone app, no way. From idea to implementation, just half a day, sorry night, to be more precise. What can I say, it was stronger than me, I wanted to help participants with app that would show some basic info about conference. And here we are, WPWeekSarajevo Windows Phone app:


You can grab WPWeekSarajevo here:



Thanks to our sponsors, we have fabulous number of prizes (without goodies 190 in total)with total retail amount over 13K US $. Unbelievable. So, the prizes were:

  • Nokia Lumia 820  (dev kit)
  • Nokia DC-16 USB charger (2x)
  • Nokia Premium Developer Program tokens (5x)
  • Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone (100x)
  • Windows Phone Dev Center registration tokens (80x)
  • Pluralsight one year subscription
  • Bunch of goodies from Nokia suppliers such as bags, T-shirts, caps etc

But, that is not all. We had one Nokia Lumia 920 (dev kit) gift from Microsoft, Redmond and we didn’t wanted to give away just like that, for lucky winners.


We establish competition among all participants who registered on site for the event. Who create the best application till November 2013 will earn beautiful Lumia 920 phone. With this competition we wanted to get more apps from local developer community. After all, developers like challenges, so this is win win situation  for both side, organizers and event participants.

Really thanks to all our sponsors who made this event possible:

Thanks to Domagoj Pavlešić, MVP from Croatia who provide us with Lumia 820 and Nokia USB chargers from Nokia Developer Champion Program. It was very interesting how package from Finland arrived to Sarajevo from these cities around Europe:

  1. Tampere Finland
  2. Helsinki Finland
  3. Leipzig Germany
  4. Bergamo Italy
  5. Zagreb Croatia
  6. Belgrade, Serbia
  7. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo Diary

About Spaso Lazarevic

Spaso Lazarevic is Software Engineer working with Microsoft technologies. Microsoft MVP for Visual C# 2012 - 2016.
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