Microsoft conference announcement MSNetWork 3 and WinDays13 Technology

The two big Microsoft conferences in southeast Europe region will be held in April 2013:

MS NetWork 3 – Bosnia and Herzegovina (

WinDays 13 Technology – Croatia (


I’m really happy that I will be speaking at both conferences with two different sessions.

MS NetWork 3

03. April – 04. April 2013, Banja Vrućica, Teslić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hotel Kardial-Banja Vrucica

This conference is being held for the third time and it is the youngest in region. With top quality sessions held by more than 20 MVPs and more than 50 speakers it will be a really promising event. When we took into consideration hospitality of the hosts of Banja Vrućica tourist resort which is situated near city of Teslić (50 km from Banja Luka), Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, MS NetWork is a rising star in conference events of the region, concerning technology.

Event will be divided into six tracks:

  • Business (BIZ)
  • IT Pro (PRO)
  • Developer (DEV)
  • Microsoft Community (MSC)
  • Education (EDU)
  • Community (CS)

This event is a great networking opportunity and provides atmosphere for bonding on both levels personal and business as well as to discuss the technology novelties from the IT world.

I’ll be giving one session at MS NetWork conference on 3rd April on DEV track:

Developing Windows Phone application from A to Z

Some of the abstracts for my presentation are:

  • How to get idea for new Windows Phone app
  • Main tools for building Windows Phone apps
  • Using serialization for storing data in Isolate Storage
  • Using new MAP control
  • Using voice commands
  • Using Tiles
  • Main consideration when deploying app to Windows Phone Dev Store

You can find official info about session here.

You can find more info about conference at or you can use official hash tag #msnetwork3 on twitter.

This conference is special for me because I’m author of official Windows Phone app for MSNetWork 3:


You can find MSNetWork 3 here:


WinDays 13 Technology

22. April – 25. April 2013, Umag, Croatia


WinDays is the biggest and oldest conferences in ex Yu. It will be held in Umag, city on the Adriatic Coast which gives this event high class star due to very high position of Croatian tourism in the rich European tourist offer.

I’ll be giving one session at WinDays 13 conference on 24th April  on DEV track:

Building business application with Visual Studio 2012 LightSwitch

In this presentation I’ll show in 45 minutes session how (oh, this will be tough) to create business application which have all characteristics of modern programming concept (MVVM, WCF RIA Services, Entity Framework, 3-tier app, possible to deploy on IIS or Windows Azure).

Some of the abstracts for my presentation are:

  • Main architecture of LightSwitch
  • Main concepts (screen, entity, relation, data source, query, template for screen)
  • Creating entities and relation
  • Creating screens using templates
  • Creating business logic
  • Creating permissions on screen or entity level
  • Publishing LightSwitch application

You can find official info about session here.

Official hash tag for WinDays 13 is #WinDays

See you there!

About Spaso Lazarevic

Spaso Lazarevic is Software Engineer working with Microsoft technologies. Microsoft MVP for Visual C# 2012 - 2016.
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