Windows Phone application success story – Picture Info

When you read my title you probably mean that success means money. Not this time but the fact that my application Picture Info is among ten (10) top free Windows Phone application in Social category in Windows Phone Store (USA) makes me proud and happy.


When I took this screen shoot last night, I was even on better position then official Twitter application which is really amazing (it is among 110 top free app in all category at the moment of writing this blog post). The total number of applications in Windows Phone Store is more than 120.000 apps.


You need to know that position in top app is changing on daily basis and it depends on a lot of factors such as number of downloads in some period, rating, number of crashes etc.

What is Picture Info?

Picture Info is simple application that extend Picture Hub functionality by providing picture meta data that can be read from exif data attached to picture. Application provide picture data that operating system would normally do, but that is not implemented even in Windows Phone 8 so you need to use third party application such as Picture Info to do that.

Application is created for the Nokia program – The Metro Developer Show – FREE Nokia Phone & App Hub Subscription organized by Nokia Ambassador Rich Dunbar. I even earned Nokia Lumia 800 in this program. After that I participate in DVLUP with this app and the other app that I created for this challenge and earned also some prizes too.  I have been trying to constantly do updates according to user’s demands so application is very popular and have really good ratings. One of them depicts my efforts to do my best in creating useful Windows Phone application:

“This is the best EXIF data viewer on the marketplace! The developer has demonstrated amazing responsiveness in improving the app according to feedback he has received.” – by Eric.

Picture info has separate installment for Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8 devices.

At the time of creating this application I put it in Social category but really true category would be Tools and Productivity but I don’t want to change it now.

So, if you want to find out when you take your picture, location of the picture, exif data such as Iso Speed, Exposure time, F-stop, GPS Altitude, GPS coordinates, Focal Length etc., you can use Picture Info.


You can grab it from Windows Phone Store using QR Code:


You can find all my Windows Phone app here.

About Spaso Lazarevic

Spaso Lazarevic is Software Engineer working with Microsoft technologies. Microsoft MVP for Visual C# 2012 - 2016.
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1 Response to Windows Phone application success story – Picture Info

  1. David says:

    I have develop a private app that integrates photos and a requirement was to datestamp the image. Using the Exif library this was pretty easier however I am having an issue with the Nokia phones… I’ve seen a few similar questions on forums and tried your app which works on the phone. Can you tell me how you managed to get the date info?

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