I’m speaking at Sinergija 11

SpeakingAtSinergijaLogoI am attending Microsoft conference Sinergija in Belgrade from the first conference and it was definitely my the most prefer IT conference where I can find a valuable resources for latest Microsoft techologies.
Last year I was attending Microsoft Sinergija Conference as Microsoft Influencer from Bosnia and Herzegovina and attend also one day conference called Second CEE Influencer Summit 2010 as part of Sinergija Conference.

And this year I am very happy that I can tell that for the first time I would be a speaker at Sinergija in Belgrade, Serbia, from 18th to 20th October.

A little about Microsoft Conference Sinergija:
Microsoft Sinergija has been the largest and most influential conference dedicated to information and communication technologies and their business deployment in the region of South East Europe, since its very beginning.
Traditionally, Sinergija thematically follows the actual IT developments in the world and sets the trends on Serbian market. For the 10 years of existence, Sinergija has become the regional brand connected not only to Microsoft technologies, but to everything that is new and actual in the IT world. It is a window into the future which people value and get connected to  because of its innovative impact on the IT community.

Last conference, Sinergija 10 gathered more than 1500 people on each of five days of the conference, and more than 3000 people on all Sinergija related events.

Also, I’m very happy that from Bosnia and Herzegovina will be another five (5) IT experts who are also speaker at conference in Belgrade.

I’ll be giving the following session at Sinergija 11 on 20th October:
Visual Studio LightSwitch-Publishing App to the Desktop and Cloud

Presentation would be on Serbian language. Some of the abstracts for my presentation are:

  • Access control in LightSwitch applications
  • Type of deployment
  • Publishing LightSwitch Application to the Desktop
  • Configuring Windows Azure
  • Publishing LightSwitch Web Application hosted in Windows Azure and SQL Azure with Forms authentication
  • Starting LightSwitch Application from the cloud

Also, beside deplyoment to Microsoft Azure, I’ll use IaaS environment that will be created by latest MS virtualization technologies provided by Sinergija IT Team ( Hyper-V VM exported to Cloud) to deploy desktop version of LightSwitch application.

My presentation is part of a series of presentations about Visual Studio LightSwich. The first two would present one of the best speaker at Sinergija and other Microsoft Events for many past years, Dragoslav Ogar, MVP from Belgrade.

Followers of the Sinergija account on Twitter may use the official Twitter hashtag of Sinergija 11, #mssinergija​, to track the latest information about the conference and to share their impressions.

So, I would be very happy to see you at Microsoft Conference in Belgrade this October.
Enjoy LighSwitch


About Spaso Lazarevic

Spaso Lazarevic is Senior Software Developer working with Microsoft technologies. Leader of .NET User Group Bijeljina, speaker at Microsoft events, writter and blogger. Microsoft MVP for Visual C#.
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